Zero Tolerance G10 Handle with Speed Safe Review

Zero Tolerance 0350 models are one of the best pocket knives under $200 available in the market. It comes with a 3.125″ long drop-point shape blade that is made of S-30 stainless steel and the thickness is only 0.121″. The slightly carve shaped blade has a black coating that makes the blade eye-catching and stealthy. Top-class stainless steel has made the blade corrosion resistant and also suitable for using any survival environment.

Zero Tolerance G10 Handle with Speed Safe Knife Blade Type

Zero Tolerance 0350 folding knife has an overall length of 7.625 and includes a 3.25-inch stainless steel blade. The clip point shape blade is extremely useful for survival use. This Zero tolerance folding knife comes with a plain edge to ensure comfortable use for multitasking. As the 3.25-inch long blade has a thickness is only 0.121-inch, so it’s a perfect blade for both slicing and piercing.

Zero Tolerance G10 Handle with Speed Safe Knife Blade Construction Material

The S30 stainless steel blade also includes a steel black coated with black tungsten DLC, which ensures corrosion resistance and protective blade feature from any affecting matters which may impact the sharpness and exact shape of the blade.  This extra protection black layer on the blade increases its longevity and improves its durability. That’s why extreme survivalists like this best Zero Tolerance pocket knife. The 0.121-inch thickness has made the blade perfect for multitasking. With small efforts, you can do some more cutting tasks with this plain EDGE folding knife.

The Handle and Its Material

Another important part of a Pocket knife is the Handle it comes with. There are a lot of benefits of a Durable and comfortable handle along with the blade. The best folding tactical knife includes a 5″ G-10 Handle. The crack resistance handle is well textured and with a matte-black scale which ensures a secure grip on the surface. It allows a user to give fewer efforts but do a high performance. The manufacturer includes a hollow grind and stonewash finish with the G-10 Handle, which improves the durability and longevity of the Handle. The 5-inch handle seems perfect matching with the 3.25″ folding blade.

Opening Locking or Speed Safe

When purchasing a folding knife watch so carefully the locking system and the safety mechanism of the knife. It’s an important fact to most survivalists before selecting a folding pocket knife. Sometimes when there have some faults of common safety mechanisms, there can occur accidental matter which no one adores. This Zero Tolerance G10 Handle Folding Knife has to include a secure inner locking system and also a SpeedSafe mechanism. Inner locking ensures proper safety when caring for the knife and the speed safe ensures an extra secure opening of the blade for instant use.

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Reversible Pocket Clip

One of the common demands of all most every knife lover is the reversible pocket clip so that they can bring their knife in with their dress and pocket. It’s vital to bring your folding knife when going out for a survival journey. This Zero Tolerance 0350 folding knife manufacturer didn’t forget to include a pocket clip with the EDGE. The standard pocket clip allows you to carry the small pocket knife so easily without any extra effort.


There is a common word- A man without a knife is like a dog without teeth. I totally agree with this proverb do you know why? I just love to do some adventure, and that’s why I like to have the best tactical carry knife all the time with me.

The Zero Tolerance 0350 folding knife has an excellent benefit for every day working in the shipping industry, household chores, and so other simple cutting tasks. The 3.25-inch S30V stainless steel blade, G-10 handle, and other features of the blade have made it a pure surviving knife. For survival use, this one is the perfect one you’ll be fine soon. As the whole weight of the blade is only 6 ounces and the overall length of the blade is only 4.625-inch, so it’s also a great knife for everyday care.

The sharp EDGE blade is also good for skinning and fruit slicing, so you can also use this blade for kitchen purposes. Have excellent performance in survival tasks like a fishing campaign, Hunting, slicing, and self-protection. The clip point-shaped blade has a 4.625-inch closed length and the overall weight is only 6.2 ounces, which may bring some extra benefits when surviving any remote place.


  • The plain EDGE folding blade comes with a 3.25-inch stainless steel blade.
  • The clip point-shaped blade is made of S30V stainless steel.
  • The black-coated DLC finish has made the blade extremely durable and cracks resistant.
  • The 5-inch G-10 handle ensures great comfortability and ensures long time usability.
  • The Secure grip on the handle surface improves performance and handling.
  • The Zero Tolerance 0350 knife includes reversible pocket clips.
  • The overall closed length of this blade is only 4.625-inch and weighs 6.2 ounces.
  • Have a secure inner lock system and speed-safe mechanism.
  • There should be no doubt about the quality of a USA-made knife.


  • The Zero Tolerance G10 Handle Folding Knife is not for woodworking.
  • Some user has a negative comment about the clip point shape of the blade.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question: Does the knife has a Locking system?
Answer: Yeah, the knife includes an inner lock. It is a relatively secure lockup and is a solid knife all around.

Question: What steel is used to make the blade?
Answer: The 3.125-inch long blade is made of S30 V stainless steel.

Question: Does this one come with a plain EDGE?
Answer: Yes, the Zero Tolerance G10 Handle Folding Knife has a Plain EDGE, which feels comfortable for the user.

Question: I am just interested to know about the Handle features.
Answer: G-10 handle will be one of the best with this folding knife. Also, include a nice grip for better handling.

Question:  This Zero Tolerance 0350 knife comes sharpened?
Answer: Yeah very sharp blade, you don’t need to sharpen it, and you can use it just after getting it.

Question: What is the difference between the inner lock knife and the frame lock knife?
I have used both 0350 inner locks and 0300 frame lock knives, it seems more secure and best used with the inner lock folding knife.

Final Verdict

A Best folding knife always has a great impact on the way of your survival life or for self-defense. In the knife store, you rarely found such kind of great blade for everyday use. The Zero Tolerance 0350 folding knife has included its high feature to ensure excellent performance in the practical field. I like this plain EDGE knife for all most every task. The Sharp Edge and high performance of this Zero Tolerance 0350knife will make your heart full filled and satisfied.

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