Best EDC Knife Under $100 – 2024 Top List

Everybody deserves the EDC knife, because of the added advantages. A folding knife is a gear that you may need for everyday chores like cutting, slicing, puncturing any material, opening a can or box, using it as a screwdriver as well as an emergency life-saving tool or self-defense weapon. It is convenient to use, compact in design, lightweight, and highly maneuverable. This kind of EDC knife is the first choice for its multifunctional purpose. Because of the popularity of the pocket knife, various models are available in the market, making it difficult for many people to make a choice. We narrow down the choice for you by reviewing the best EDC knife under $100.

What Are the Best Pocket Knives Under $100?

  1. Kershaw Blur Black SpeedSafe Assisted EDC Pocket knife
  2. CIVIVI Elementum Lightweight Pocket Knife
  3. Spyderco Delica 4 Zome Green 9000685 Folding Knife
  4. CRKT Special Forces Tactical EDC Knife
  5. CRKT Homefront K270GKP EDC Tactical Pocket Knife
  6. Benchmade Griptilian 551 Everyday Carry Folding Knife
  7. Kizer Mini Sheepdog EDC Knife
  8. SOG Twitch ll Assisted Opening EDC Knife
  9. CIVIVI Baklash Flipper Damascus Folding Knife
  10. Buck Knives 0347BKS VANTAGE PRO Folding Knife
  11. Cold Steel Recon 1 Everyday Carry Heftier Knife
  12. SOG Tanto Trident Elite EDC Folding Knife

Best EDC Knife Under $100 – Top List Reviews

1. Kershaw Blur Black SpeedSafe Assisted EDC Pocket Knife

Kershaw Blur Black

Kershaw is the leader when it comes to the production of best-assisted opening knives under $100. Whether you want to engage in outdoor trips and so on, no problem, in fact, the 7.88″ long Kershaw Blur can be used for hunting, camping, self-defense, and any type of survival activities.

Its 0.12″ thick blade is made of high-quality Sandvik 14C28N stainless steel (HRC 58-60). A black coating (ceramic-based finish) ensures that the blade is non-reflective and does not easily corrode or rust.

Due to its high-performing steel, the blade can withstand extreme uses. The strong blade is capable to cut through hard objects without bending or damaging its pretty sharp edge. Also, the 3.4″ long re-curve plain edge blade makes it perfect for slicing and push cutting.

The handle material is black 6061-t6 anodized aluminum. Its ergonomic shape and the Trac-Tec pattern give you a comfortable and aggressive grip. The handle is lightweight, stealthy, and strong enough.

The handle is easy to hold and feels spongy. You will not feel any scratches or irritation in long use. The handle size and design are such that it suits the need of the everyday user.

The liner lock mechanism enhances your safety when you are using the knife. The issue of knife opening when you do not operate it does not arise.

If you encounter danger on the way, the SpeedSafe assisted mechanism releases the blade super fast with just one hand and gets you ready to defend yourself from any sudden attack.

Furthermore, a reversible (tip-up/tip-down) pocket clip ensures that it clips strongly in your pocket.


  • Blur-1670BLK is one of the best assisted models from the company
  • The high-performing blade is precisely Nitrogen treated
  • Outstanding hardness, sharpness, and corrosion resistance
  • Excellent edge retention; once sharpened, does not dull easily
  • The blade is protected by durable and long-lasting Cerakote coating
  • Anodized aluminum handle for durability and solid feeling
  • Trac-Tec inserts for a non-slip grip in mud, soggy, snow, or marine conditions
  • Trusted SpeedSafe assisted opening with a secure locking system
  • A heavy-use pocket knife that weighs just 3.9 oz
  • Kershaw Blur comes with a limited lifetime warranty
  • The folding knife is proudly manufactured in the USA


  • Re-sharpening is a bit difficult and takes some time

2. CIVIVI Elementum Lightweight Pocket Knife – C907A

CIVIVI Elementum EDC Knife - C907A

The blade itself is made out of D2 steel (HRC: 59-61 ), a tool steel known for its resilient properties. D2 steel has good corrosion resistance, keeping the blade quality intact and rust-free. During three months of testing, I exposed the blade to salt water several times and it was as good as new.

The drop point shape of the blade, coupled with its hollow grind, ensures super easy control and creates a larger blade area for slicing. When taken out of the box, the knife already effortlessly cuts through paper.

In terms of everyday tasks, it effortlessly opens packages, cuts rope, opens mail, and more. Whether it’s cardboard, plastic, or any other material, the blade’s cutting performance remains consistent and reliable. From making delicate cuts in crafts projects to trimming small objects, or performing detailed work, I have found the blade to be extremely precise, allowing for really accurate cuts.

The hardness really helps the blade retain its sharpness for months despite everyday use. Often people struggle to sharpen D2 steel because of its hardness, but in my experience, it’s pretty easy to do with any appropriate sharpener. Just use a turn box with diamond rods and in a few minutes, it’ll be back in tip-top shape.

The handle scales are made of a G10 material and the liner is composed of steel. G10 material is not only very strong and durable but also lightweight and moisture-resistant. The handle size comes in at 4.03″ making it a medium pocket knife handle. However, it is just long enough to fit all 4 fingers comfortably and securely without leaving a lot of excess at the end.

The G10 handle offers excellent grip and ensures no slippage during use. With this slightly textured material, it not only creates a comfortable feel but also enhances user control. Additionally, it comes with jimping on the spine. It provides the perfect balance between smooth and jagged, ensuring sufficient grip for the thumb or index finger.

The Elementum uses a ceramic ball-bearing pivot, allowing for super smooth action. It features a flipper mechanism, providing an effortless and comfortable opening with the flick of a wrist. The pivot bearing and flipper simplify the opening and closing processes. These mechanisms provide consistency with a full opening almost every time.

The Elementum employs a liner lock to ensure the safety and security of the blade. When the blade is deployed, the lock engages and holds tight, stopping any unwanted movement during usage. This reliable mechanism offers smooth and consistent one-handed opening and closing.

Featuring a deep carry pocket clip, the Elementum allows for discrete and tip-up carry of the knife. The pocket clip is on the right side and the lock release is configured for right-handed usage. So, those who are left-handed may face some difficulties using this knife.

Important Specifications: blade length 2.96″, blade thickness 0.12″, closed length 4.03″, overall length 6.99″, and weight 2.89 oz.


  • Sharp, durable, and high-quality D2 steel blade
  • Low maintenance and corrosion-resistant blade
  • G10 scales are grippy and comfortable
  • A large variety of handle colors and steel
  • Smooth and quick blade deployment
  • Secure lockup with a strong liner lock
  • Knife is slim, lightweight, and large enough
  • Lifetime conditional warranty and guarantee
  • Amazing value for the price


  • It is not a leftie-friendly knife
  • It doesn’t have any thumb stud
  • The pocket clip is quite flimsy

3. Spyderco Delica 4 Zome Green Folding Knife Under $100

Spyderco Delica 4 Zome Green

The model was first introduced to the market in the year 1990. Since then, it has undergone modifications. The 2.87 inches blade is formed of VG-10 stainless steel (HRC 58-60) which makes it durable and strong. With 0.09 inches thickness of the blade, you can use it for different purposes such as webbing, electric cable, and rope cutting, as well as branches and so on. Furthermore, its flat grind with razor-sharp drop point tip helps to penetrate solid objects deeply. Due to its satin finishing layer, it can withstand different conditions without rusting.

The Delica 4 folding knife handle is designed with superior quality Fiberglass Reinforced Nylon. The knife is attached to the handle through screws and this makes cleaning simple and easy. Most importantly, the thumb jimping with spine rasp and textured patterns ensure that it does not slip from your hand when you hold it. The ergonomic design is one of the best things going with this pocket knife under $100. Standard size 7.12 inches Delica 4 is a multi-use knife, suits the everyday need of many people such as sportsmen, hunters, as well as military people, and outdoor enthusiasts.

The innovative lock-back mechanism has made the knife the most protective on the market today. In addition to that, you can carry it in your pocket with its reversible 4-way pocket clip. Its round thumbhole feature helps for single-handed opening or closing. The knife is surprisingly lightweight 2.5 oz, folded length 4.25 inches, and covered with a limited lifetime warranty.

4. CRKT Special Forces Tactical EDC Knife – M16-14SF

CRKT Special Forces Tactical EDC Knife - M16-14SF

CRKT (Columbia River Knife and Tool) brand has been a popular name amongst sportsmen, special forces, and knife enthusiasts since 1994. Their M16-14SF model is an excellent addition to the tactical knife industry designed for ex-military, survivalist, or extreme users. The knife weighs 5.7 oz, overall length of 9.25″, folded 5.375″.

This serrated folding knife features a 3.99″ long and 0.14″ thick tanto shape blade with triple point serrations constructed of super AUS-8 stainless steel (HRC: 58-59). The non-reflective black titanium nitride on the blade and the entire frame gives the knife a high-resistance ability against corrosion and scratches while the blade material provides strength and extended edge holding capacity.

The blade’s shape with the serrations makes it able to cut seat belts, ropes, webbing, limbs, electric cable, cordage, branches, etc. Easy penetration without any resistance is possible due to its tough hollow grind and tanto point.

The handle of this combat folding knife is produced by using lightweight and non-reflective Aluminum with an open build frame. The material features an excellent gripping texture and has high insulating properties. In addition, friction grooves add comfort while holding it firmly.

With the automated liner safety feature having stainless steel liners, it feels like a fixed blade knife when unfolded. The flippers make one-handed opening easy while the pin locks the blade that making it safe to use.

Moreover, folding the knife is a no-brainer task since you only have to pull the security lever back the draw the locking liner over to put the blade inside the frame. Double checkered thumb studs are present as a trademark of the knife.

For easily carrying this best tactical EDC knife, the handle has a 4-position pocket clip. The knife is made in Taiwan and you will be delivered with a limited lifetime warranty.


  • The blade is very thick, sturdy and serration cuts well
  • The blade arrived fairly sharp right out of the box
  • Holds an edge great and it’s easier to re-hone
  • The handle is comfortable, grippy and fits my larger hand
  • After opening the flippers take a position as a finger guard
  • One-handed opening and closing action is very smooth
  • Automated liner safety feels very solid and no blade play
  • Design and quality make it a multifunctional heavy-duty knife


  • This is not a gentleman’s EDC knife

5. CRKT Homefront K270GKP EDC Tactical Pocket Knife

CRKT Homefront K270GKP

It may look old-fashioned in design, but when it comes to performance, this Homefront model is one of the best EDC knives under $100 on the market today. The outstanding attribute of this model is the field strip technology. Homefront name suggests that it can be used for different ranges of domestic activities. AUS-8 stainless steel (HRC 57-58) material is used in manufacturing the blade. The AUS-8 steel-made blades are known for their edges to retain sharpness for a long time and the stonewash finishing guarantees that it does not rust easily even if you expose it to water. Its blade size of 3.5 inches sets it perfect for different kinds of utility and outdoor chores. The 0.133 inches blade thickness makes the knife durable and strong.

The handle is designed from the finest quality 6061 aircraft-graded aluminum material. Jimping on top of the handle and small textured contours ensure that you will get your expected grip. A lug-style flipper also prevents your finger from touching sharp edges. Most importantly, ergonomic design ensures that you do not feel anything uncomfortable when you use the knife. Because of the field strip technology, it is easy to dismantle and clean when you want without using any tools.

The knife features a secure locking liner. It locks the knife perfectly and it cannot open unless you want it. Moreover, the lug-style flipper turns single-hand deploying very simply. The drop point knife comes with a tip-up deep carry pocket clip and a limited lifetime warranty. Its full length is 8.3 inches, closed length is 4.728 inches, and weight is 4.8 oz.

6. Benchmade Griptilian 551 Everyday Carry Folding Knife

Benchmade Griptilian 551

Benchmade has earned a great reputation when it comes to EDC knives. Whether you are engaged in fishing, hunting, camping, and other outdoor and everyday activities, this 8.07 inches best pocket knife under $100 is the perfect solution for your needs. Designed with the best quality CPM-S30V Stainless Steel and satin finish has made the blade attractive as well as increased rust and scratch resistance. Moreover, once sharpened, it cannot have a dull edge and when that becomes possible, it will be for a long time. Higher toughness (HRC 58-60), razor-sharp plain edge, and 2.92 mm thick drop point blade have created this knife an ultimate cutting tool for different types of objects like cordage, rope, webbing, electric cable, limbs or branches, etc.

Another interesting feature about this pocket knife is its durable handle which is made of glass-filled nylon. The user’s hand is firmly gripped in place with the help of the ergonomic diamond shape grip patterns and jimping near the thumb position and separately decorated around the handle profile. On account of the 3.88 oz weight, you can hardly feel anything in your pocket or any burden when you use this model. Benchmade Griptilian 551 is proudly made in the USA.

The knife is friendly to use, because of the fully ambidextrous axis locking mechanism. Once you have opened the blade, it is locked like a fixed blade knife and remained secured until you allowing to fold. You can open or close this manual knife with a single hand within the shortest time. It can be clipped very well in the left/right side pocket through the reversible tip-up method. The knife features a limited lifetime warranty and LifeSharp service.

7. Kizer Mini Sheepdog EDC Knife – V3488C1

Kizer Mini Sheepdog EDC Knife - V3488C1

The 2.63″ long and 0.106″ thick sheep’s-foot design blade is crafted from the renowned 154CM stainless steel used in knife making. The blade came ridiculously sharp right from the factory and looked great with the satin finish.

The blade is short but quite thick and wide. Common everyday items such as wires, letters, packing tape, heavy plastics, rubber belts/hoses, bags of dog food, and dreadful plastic blister packs are cut in such a way that it feels like a hot knife going through butter. Besides, you can easily cut many tough things. I didn’t see any major change in sharpness during three months of testing, but this type of steel takes some time to re-sharpen.

The handle has G-10 scales and a full stainless steel liner. Handle scales have a light texture that helps to get a decent grip. In addition, deep finger grooves ensure proper control over the knife by gripping the handle firmly in wet or sweaty hands. Those with XL size hands will find the handle small but those with medium or small size hands will get a good grip on the handle.

The manufacturer uses a caged ceramic ball-bearing pivot. With just the right amount of detent on the flipper, the blade is fully deployed. This knife has a strong liner lock. Once deployed, the blade locks with a satisfied click sound. Although it is manual, its opening and locking mechanism action is very smooth, safe, and can be operated with one hand.

The pocket clip is placed in a tip-up position but is not adjustable which could be an issue for any left-handed user.

This pocket knife would be best for those who regularly do medium to light cutting work at home or in the office. However, I would especially recommend it for those who are looking for a smaller knife or have small to medium-sized hands.


  • 154CM steel is an outstanding alloy for the price
  • Blade easily slices through tougher materials
  • Easy to deploy and close with one hand
  • Handle provides a nice, hefty, and solid feel
  • Blade locks firmly in place with zero wiggle
  • Open pillar design makes it very easy to clean
  • Very good workmanship, durable, & pocket-friendly
  • Purchasable in a variety of sizes and colors
  • It comes with a limited lifetime warranty
  • Almost all states allow it to be carried under knife laws


  • The pocket clip is not adjustable
  • There is no lanyard hole on the knife
  • For large hands, the handle is too short

8. SOG Twitch ll Assisted Opening EDC Knife – TWI17-CP

SOG Twitch ll Assisted Technology EDC Knife - TWI17-CP - Wood Handle

The SOG Twitch ll will be perfect for the gentlemen who are looking for the best pocket knife in the $100 range that is lightweight and compact. Comparing the knives in this class, it has a construction that is more intricate, eye-catching, and long-lasting. Overall, the length of the knife is 6.2″ but when closed the length is 3.55″ and the weight is only 2.6 oz.

The 2.65″ long straight edge AUS-8 stainless steel (HRC: 57-58) blade has a satin coating. The 0.1″ thick blade has a flat grind and drop point shape. The factory edge was razor sharp. The blade has just the right length for any light task, from opening mail/boxes at home or office to cutting thick ribbons/utility ropes or scraping anything, to preparing vegetables/fruits.

The edge retention of the blade is very good. After about three months of regular use on various light utility chores, the blade still feels as sharp and perfect as the first day out of the box.

The brown-finished handle is made of genuine Rosewood. Among all the models SOG has in this series, the rosewood handle knife is the most beautiful. The design of the handle is classic, slim, easy to grip, and feels solid. However, the handle is small in size (3.5”), and will fit regular or small hands but will feel small enough for those with larger hands.

The knife can be easily deployed with one hand using the thumb stud or flipper. The SOG-assisted technology takes over to help you open the knife rapidly rest of the way.

The knife has a lockback mechanism that keeps the blade locked in the open position. Many users have complained about the knife’s blade play but I found no wiggle in mine. To close the knife you have to depress the locking mechanism.

It has a pass-through safety lock or lock clincher from which the “kick” of the blade comes through. When you press the “kick” with your forefinger or thumb, you are able to initiate the opening of the knife blade.

The knife has a tip-up, right-hand pocket clip that makes it easy to find your knife as it stays firmly tucked with your pocket. The skeletonized stainless steel clip is very strong and allows the knife to sit comfortably in your pocket giving you a discreet carry.


  • Heat-treated steel that resists rust much better
  • Full flat ground blade is very easy to resharpen
  • Rosewood handle feels warmer and more natural
  • Assisted system allows one-hand flips out opening
  • Safety lock ensures no accidentally flying open
  • Compact size & weight for a gentleman’s EDC knife
  • Fifty bucks or less, an absolute steal for this knife
  • Twitch ll has a limited lifetime warranty


  • There are many complaints about blade play
  • Pocket clip is not reversible, bad for lefties

9. CIVIVI Baklash Flipper Damascus Folding Knife – C801DS

CIVIVI Baklash Flipper Damascus Folding Knife - C801DS

This is a medium-weight (3.88 oz) folding knife, great for everyday carry and gentleman’s use, and a great asset to have while camping, hiking, hunting, working in your yard, etc.

This 3.5″ long and 0.118″ thick blade is made from Damascus steel (58-60 HRC) with an acid etch finish. The steel is made by layering two different steel alloys hammered in layers to create a beautiful wave-like pattern on the surface of the steel. Damascus steel is fairly corrosion resistant, but given that it tends to be a mixture of carbon-steel and nickel-steel alloys, it can still be susceptible to rust and oxidation, so proper care must be taken for the blade.

This blade came sharp straight out of the box; it was able to shave my arm hair and slice a sheet of A4 paper. To test the blade’s cutting performance, I did some camping tasks such as chopping vegetables/meat, cutting twigs to make spears/sticks, and making feathers from twigs for fire, and the knife performed everything efficiently. With the knife, I also easily cut many flexible materials like paracord, webbing, or belts which means it is also quite suitable for hiking.

The Damascus blade is quite sharp, and its cutting performance is incredible, as the blade can be controlled for more fine handling such as peeling an apple or carving pumpkins. Also extremely good for everyday tasks like cutting cardboard, zip ties, electrical wires, and utility cords, opening boxes, and plastic packaging, and breaking down my recycling boxes.

The drop point blade also has a cut out at the base that acts as a finger choil for more precise handling for detail work. Given that it is a thin tip, I avoid using it to pry open objects to maintain its integrity. The blade held its edge very well before needing re-sharpening and just a few minutes of sharpening was enough to back the factor edge.

The handle material is black G10 fiberglass, which is both sturdy and lightweight, yet offers a good heft when held. It has skeletonized stainless steel liners that offer both durability and strength. The handle is 4.6″ long, 0.875″ wide, and 0.51″ thick, offering a comfortable fit for both big and small hands. My hands are on the bigger side, and the handle fits well.

The textured G10 material and contours offer a comfortable and firm grip. There is over 1-inch jimping on the blade’s spine and jimping on the handle to disengage the liner lock, further enhancing grip control and ensuring confident handling even in wet or slippery conditions.

The Baklash operates with a flipper mechanism; it is quick and smooth, aided by a ceramic ball-bearing pivot system with a consistent and effortless opening. The detent is perfectly calibrated so you get both ease of opening and secure retention during close. The liner lock securely engages the blade in the open position, eliminating wobbling or play.

The action is smooth as butter, can glide open swiftly with your thumb on the flip tab, and can close quite smoothly as well, with a drop weight mechanism and liner lock. The mechanism is highly reliable, and the action remains smooth for months on end, after which point the knife is very easy to open up, clean, and lubricate to return to maximum efficiency and smoothness.

The Baklash features a stainless steel reversible tip-up carry pocket clip, allowing for convenient and discreet pocket carry. The knife is ambidextrous since the pocket clip can be unscrewed and attached to the other side for ease of handling, whether you’re a lefty or a righty.

CIVIVI provides a lifetime guarantee against defects in material and workmanship. Moreover, the presentation and packaging are also impressive; mine came in a box with a pouch, stickers, cloth, and instructions.


  • Original and beautiful Damascus steel blade
  • Not a pain to sharpen & holds an edge pretty well
  • Textured handle with contours provides a pinch grip
  • Handle ergonomics are excellent for XL hands
  • Knife is easy to open and close with one hand
  • Manual action is exactly smooth and consistent
  • Truly ambidextrous, good for lefties and righties
  • Deep-carry pocket clip has a firm hold
  • The price for Damascus steel is unbeatable


  • No assisted mechanism or thumb studs

10. Buck Knives 0347BKS VANTAGE PRO Folding Knife

Buck Knives 0347BKS VANTAGE PRO

In my consideration, perhaps Buck VANTAGE PRO is the most friendly folding knife under $100 on the market. The blade is a drop point with an elevated hollow grind in design and a wide belly making it a nice and fast cutting tool for hunting, skinning, slicing, feathering sticks, and overall any indoor task.

In addition to that, the blade size of 3.25 inches and is made out of the finest quality CPM-S30V steel with a satin coating. This type of steel is popular for its toughness (HRC 58-59), trouble-free sharpening as well as guarantee resistance from wear and corrosion.

The legendary EDC knife brand Zero Tolerance uses almost the same type of steel in all of their premium quality ZT knives. Moreover, its remarkable edge retention prevents you from regularly annoying sharpening.

The handle is also designed with an injection-molded Reinforced Nylon with CNC contoured G10 material. Smooth scales and ergonomic design are suitable for everyday use and grip comfortably in your palm. VANTAGE PRO is made in America and has offered Buck a forever warranty. Its full length is 7.63″, its locked length is 4.38″, and weighed only 4 oz.

Surprisingly, the knife features the most efficient two liners locking system for additional safety and strength. This best Buck pocket knife is simple and easy to open. Flipper and thumbhole are the ways you can open this manual knife with both hands. You can just clip it in the right or left side pocket in tip-up position.

11. Cold Steel Recon 1 Series Everyday Carry Heftier Knife

Cold Steel Recon 1 Series Tactical Folding Knife - Tanto Plain Edge

If you are looking for the best hard use folding knife under $100 then you can buy Cold Steel Recon 1 for this purpose. It features a razor-sharp plain edge blade that is made of the world’s highest quality stainless steel CPM-S35Vn. Moreover, the higher Rockwell hardness rating (60-62) guarantees that the edge remains sharp for a long time. Most importantly, a durable black DLC (Diamond-Like) coating will ensure that the knife does not rust or scratch no matter how rough you use it. The 4″ long tanto point blade is good enough for different types of tasks such as slicing, skinning game, push cutting, feathering sticks, self-defense, and other fundamental works. Even if you use it in the toughest cutting engagement, the 0.13″ thick blade will ensure that it does not damage or bend.

The handle is made of textured black G-10 scales which. With the deep finger grooves, the handle shape is super ergonomic and the G-10 texture provides an excellent grip. Also, the hand is thick but lightweight and feels very smooth in the palm. Comparing its size this heavy-use tactical knife does not weigh more than 5.2 oz, you hardly know you carry anything with you. Due to its decent rouned profile, you can use or carry this EDC knife through the day you cannot feel the impact.

The simple and secure Tri-Ad Lock System keeps the blade tightly without any blade play. You can carry it with confidence because it will not unlock until you want it. Moreover, thumb studs made it simple to open. Cold Steel Recon 1 is also crafted with phosphor bronze washers which allow effortless single-hand opening and closing. Also, the 9.38″ folding knife has a reversible tip-up carry pocket clip and a limited lifetime warranty.

12. SOG Tanto Trident Elite – Best EDC Knife Under $100

SOG Tanto Trident Elite Folding Knife

Trident Elite is one of the latest models of EDC tactical knives taken from SOG and it is famous for its lightweight, compactness, and ease to open.

The blade core is formed with high-quality cryo-hardened AUS-8 Stainless Steel (HRC: 56-58) and coated with a very tough titanium-nitride (TiNi) finish. The heat-treated new generation stainless steel is not only corrosion and rust-free but also sharpens easily and doesn’t dull very quickly.

Its 3.7″ long blade has a modified tanto point tip. Practically, the 0.12″ thick spine that moves through to a tip and drops down, makes it a substantial folding knife that can do any kind of heavy-duty chores. Read More: High-Quality Folding Knife Under $200

The handle scales are made out of lightweight Glass-Reinforced Nylon and Rubber Inlays which are laminated over the stainless steel liners. Aggressive jimping on the spine and contour texturing feature on the handle both provide a very solid grip in slippery and wet cases.

The reversible pocket clip can be placed on both sides for left or right-hand tip-up accessibility. The tactical folder is also equipped with a glass breaker and a cord cutter as rescue gear.

Using thumb studs, you can deploy the blade with only one hand and SOG Assisted Technology (S.A.T.) for hassle-free ultra-quick opening.

Most importantly, this best SOG EDC knife is crafted with a newly designed ARC Actuator Locking System. The piston lock mechanism is very safe and can be used with either hand. It will not open unless you operate it.

Its warranty offer is for a lifetime. The general dimensions – overall length 8.7″, folded length 5.2″, and weight 3.9 oz.

Final Verdict

In the past, primarily a law enforcement and the police used it. Because of the unique features like self-defense, rescue, or tactical gear. But nowadays everyday carry knives or pocket knives are great for everyone. They are used for indoor or outdoor affairs like fishing, hunting, camping, hiking,  and utility chores. You can use this pocket knife for different things. It saves space and you can hardly feel you have anything with you.

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Modern designs are adapted to serve all these purposes. There are several models of such knives on the market today and because of that, it may not be easy to make a choice. In the above, these entire best folding knives under $100 are available in various styles and designs, making it easy to make a choice.

I have also reviewed some of the high-quality pocket knives under $300; those EDC knives are versatile and feature sharp edges. Those are reliable and handy whenever you need them.

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