6 Best Serrated Fixed Blade Knives in 2024

A serrated or partially serrated fixed blade knife is much more versatile than a straight-edge knife.

There are many fibrous, synthetic, or flexible materials (rope, paracord, strapping, carpet, hose, vine, thick cloth, seat belt, and electrical wire) and hard materials (bone, wood, thick plastic) that are difficult to cut with a plane edge blade but a serrated edge blade can easily cut through them.

In this case, half-serrated or combo-edge fixed blade knives are best compared to fully serrated fixed blade knives. Since they feature both straight and serrated edges, they can be used for almost all types of work. Serrated fixed blade knives have no downside other than sharpening them.

What Are the Best Serrated Fixed Blade Knives?

  1. Gerber Ultimate Fixed Blade Survival Knife
  2. KA-BAR Fixed Blade Fighting Knife
  3. Gerber Gear Strongarm Fixed Blade Tactical Survival Knife
  4. SOG SEAL Pup Fixed Blade Knife
  5. Gerber Mark II Fixed Blade Combat Military Knife
  6. Benchmade – Nimravus 141 Tanto Serrated Fixed Blade Knife

Best Serrated Fixed Blade Knife

1. Gerber Ultimate Fixed Blade Survival Knife – 31-003941

Gerber Ultimate Fixed Blade Survival Knife - 31-003941

Blade Length: 4.75″
Overall Length: 10″
Blade Thickness: 0.19″
HRC: 57-59
Blade Finish: Stonewash
Knife Weight: 10.9 oz
Made In: China
Support: Guarantee and a limited lifetime warranty

7Cr17MoV Stainless Steel Blade: Out of the box the half serrated drop point blade was sharp enough to shave with. The blade is stainless steel so it has very good rust resistance. It also has a stonewash finish so the blade does not get scratched even after heavy use.

I have used it for feathering sticks, making spears and chopping down logs, bamboo, benches, some tinder sticks, and hacking down small tuberous trees and baton pieces of wood (2-3 inches thick) for kindling. It slices through flexible materials such as carpet, cloth, 550 cord, utility rope, and set belt without much effort.

It’s a medium-grade steel (HRC: 57-59) and for the price, it holds the edge well and is easy to sharpen, just because of the serrations it takes some extra time.

Textured Rubber Handle: The handle is full-tang, comfortable, and better balanced. The texture pattern of the rubber along with the deep finger choil and notching on three sides make the handle very agile in any adverse conditions and the chance of accidental slippage from your hand is very low.

Fits my XL hand like it was custom-made. The handle has two holes in the forward position, through which a rope can be inserted and tied to a stick to make a spear. There is a steel pommel at the rear part of the handle which can be used for light to medium striking.

Plastic and Nylon Combo Sheath: The sheath is waterproof, heavy-duty, and has a lock retention system. The knife locks with an audible click when inserted into the sheath. The knife sits firmly when sheathed and is very difficult to lose.

The ambidextrous sheath can be mounted vertically or horizontally and on a MOLLE pack. Additionally, there are some emergency features integrated with the sheath – a diamond sharpener (medium grain but works well), a fero rod (makes big sparks), and a whistle (worthless).

2. KA-BAR Fixed Blade Fighting Knife – KA1214-BRK

KA-BAR Fixed Blade Fighting Knife - KA1214-BRK

Blade Length: 7″
Overall Length: 11.875″
Blade Thickness: 0.16″
HRC: 56-58
Blade Finish: Black powder coat
Knife Weight: 11.2 oz
Made In: USA
Support: A limited lifetime warranty

1095 Cro-Van Steel Blade: The blade arrived hair popping sharp right out of the box and sliced through paper with ease. With the partially serrated edge, I can cut and slash like butter a variety of soft and flexible materials such as rope, cloth, carpet, linoleum, fruit, meat, water bottles, and almost everything.

It was originally designed as a combat knife, so you can’t use it as a heavy-duty outdoor knife. Besides, you can easily chop down branches, bamboo, small trees, and flimsy twigs in a camping or survival trip; can make tinder for kindling; can split or baton 2-3 inches thick firewood/twigs. In addition, the knife is very handy when you need to make a walking stick or sharpen a stick to make a hunting spear.

As a note, I would advise against cutting hard or thick trees/woods and heavy chopping with the knife, as the blade becomes dull very quickly and the blade can break under heavy batting.

The 1095 Cro-Van is basically an improved version of tool steel, so it is very hard, highly rust-proof, and holds the edge better than carbon and stainless steel, but takes a little longer to re-sharpen.

Kraton G Handle: The full tang handle feels solid and comfortable due to the hard rubberized material. The rounded handle is easy to grip and fits my large hands perfectly and can be held in a multitude of ways in difficult situations. No fatigue or blisters on my hands after a long time of use.

It has five grooves/grip circles, hand guards, and raised pamela/butt which ensures a nonslip grip and sufficient control on the knife in dry or wet, sweaty conditions. In addition, the hand guard also protects the fingers from accidentally slipping over the sharp edge or from the opponent in a combat situation.

The knife is light compared to the size and the balance point is near the index finger. Overall it can be maneuvered much faster which is essential for a fighting knife.

Hard Plastic Sheath: When the knife is slid into the sheath its integrated locking system holds the knife in place with a satisfying click sound and can be easily popped out with one hand. The retention of the lock is very good, you can carry it upside down without using the button strap. But if you have to run a lot, you should fasten the strap around the handle.

The sheath has a 3-inch nylon belt loop with a buckle that facilitates attachment to a mole, vest, or backpack. The ambidextrous sheath is suitable for righties or lefties. Hard sheath easily repels water and moisture and does not absorb oil like leather.

3. Gerber Gear Strongarm Fixed Blade Tactical Survival Knife – 30-001059

Gerber Gear Strongarm Fixed Blade Tactical Survival Knife - 30-001059

Blade Length: 4.8″
Overall Length: 9.8″
Blade Thickness: 0.19″
HRC: 58-60
Blade Finish: Ceramic coating
Knife Weight: 7.9 oz
Made In: USA
Support: Limited lifetime warranty

420 High Carbon Steel Blade: The half serrated blade came super sharp from the factory. While cutting flexible or synthetic materials such as rope, cloth, paracord, vines, thick plastic or cardboard, electrical wires, and seat belts is difficult with a plain edge blade, but cutting these things with a combo edge blade was a breeze.

I’ve also used it for feathering sticks, making walking sticks or hunting spears, cutting small trees, clearing small branches, and stabbing into metal garbage cans or dense things. The fixed blade knife is not very long and heavy so it can be maneuvered quickly in a self-defense or knife-fighting situation but not suitable for heavy chopping at all.

The partially serrated blade is not convenient for batoning. However, you can easily split 2-3 inch thick logs or firewood. Blades of 420 HC steel retain their edge for long periods of time even after heavy use and are known for quick re-sharpening in just a few minutes of stroke on any whetstone.

Glass-Filled Nylon Handle: The surface of the handle is rubber over-molded and diamond textured. The full tang handle has a solid rubberized feel, there is no fatigue or blister in the hand even after using it for a long time.

I have a tight grip even with wet, sweaty, or muddy hands, so I can say that there is absolutely no possibility of slipping. Although, the front and rear guards on the handle are small yet help to keep the hand in place in slippery conditions.

Many have said the handle feels small in their hands but that is not true at all as the 5” long handle fits comfortably in my XL-size hand. Point striking pommel is not preferred by many but it works better than hammer in some cases like glass breaker.

Kydex Sheath: The complete sheath consists of four separate accessories (main sheath, snap-in Molle strap, detachable belt loop, nylon retention + belt strap) and it can be attached to the belt, MOLLE, and drop-leg style. Although the sheath has multiple attachment points, they can be easily handled and used.

The knife locks into sheath with a satisfying click and comes out with little force. I had no fear of the knife falling out of the sheath even without using the safety strap as it held the knife well during normal movement or walking.

4. SOG SEAL Pup Fixed Blade Knife – M37N-CP

SOG SEAL Pup Fixed Blade Knife - M37N-CP

The SOG is one of the best multi-tools, outdoor gear and tactical knife manufacturing company in the world. SOG has more than 33 years of knife producing experience. All the products produced by this brand are extremely high quality, durable and field tested. If you are looking for a broad range of different uses knife, then SOG SEAL Pup Elite Fixed Blade E37SN will be your best choice.

The 4.7-mm/0.185-inch thick blade core of this best fixed blade knife is made of AUS-8 stainless steel. The harness Rockwell scale rating is 57-58 that means it is one of the toughest stainless steel in the world. The 4.85 inches blade goes through an exclusively cryogenic heat conducted process that enhances the hardiness. Such process and With Hardcase Black Tiny finish not only make it wear resistance but also boost edge retention at the same time. Also, the blade spine has rough serration for creating more traction with your finger. The clip point for making dip hole by less thrash. The extended part (3”-4”) of the blade goes through the handle that makes it full tang blade.

The handle of this knife created of high-quality fiberglass reinforced nylon. This material is a component that resistant to harsh acids, electrical energy, stain and excessive temperatures. Additionally, for better holding and appropriate grip the handle is scored by the pattern of deep diamond checking. At the same time, the ergonomic deeper finger grooves also provide important grip, and lower-upper thumbs prevent your finger from blade twisting.

This 9.5 inches model comes with a Kydex and nylon MOLLE well-matched sheath with Velcro shutter and a belt loop extra. You can wear it either right or left-handed as well as the backpack and other gears. Also, you can use it for combat, hunting and survival as well as daily utility works like cutting, chopping, cooking etc. Due to its AUS-8 stainless steel blade with rust and stain resistant coating, this tactical knife can stand for salt spray or ocean water. It is made in Seki, Japan, weight 5.4 oz and covered with lifetime condition warranty

5. Gerber Mark II Fixed Blade Combat Military Knife

The Gerber Mark II is the best military knife for those who are looking for gear for personal defense. The blade is made of 420HC Stainless Steel (56-59 HRC) and has a spear point tip. Gerber designed this knife with a double serrated edge to make sure it can deliver optimal piercing ability. Also, this half tang knife features a black oxide coating to reduce reflection and minimize corrosion. With the overall 12.75” and 6.5” blade length, it can serve every combat and survival need of users.

One thing I love about this Gerber knife is the premium quality handle. The handle is manufactured from Die-cast Aluminum which makes it sturdy and unaffected by extreme temperatures. The ergonomically designed Quillon or Crossguard not only provides a perfect grip in your palm but also protects your finger from slippage and touching your opponent’s blade.

Gerber Mark II comes with a durable ballistic nylon sheath. It will ensure the maximum safety of the knife and the user. Also, it’s among the brand of knives manufactured in the USA and supported by a lifetime warranty. This combat knife is not a common type but a legendary item to own. After seeing this in your hand the opponent will think twice to attack you.

6. Benchmade – Nimravus 141 Tanto Serrated Fixed Blade Knife

Benchmade - Nimravus 141 Tanto Knife

Nestled at the top of our combat knife review is the rugged and stylish-looking Benchmade – Nimravus 141 Tanto Blade Knife. This 9.45″ long and 5 oz weighing combat fixed blade knife is made in the USA and designed by Warren Osborne as well as provides a limited lifetime conditional warranty and LifeSharp service.

The knife comes with a half-serrated and customized tanto versatile use 4.50″ blade. The high-quality 154CM Stainless Steel core with stealthy black BK1 coating both have made it an ideal blade for corrosion resistance, easy field-sharpening, and good edge retention. The blade can cut many items such as fibrous materials (leather, strapping, set belt, rope, webbing, hoses), electric wires, small firewood batoning, or small branches. Its modified razor-sharp tip gets maximum strength from the dual taper grind and is enough strong to penetrate a thin stainless steel object. For durability, the blade is 0.115″ thick with a Rockwell Scale hardness of 58-61, referring that the blade is forceful, and can basically manage everything you throw at it without bending or breaking.

The most important feature I have found in this fighting knife is the ergonomic and special handle. The innovative handle scales are made of hard-anodized 6061-T6 Aluminum. The scales have deeply textured pressure points for ultimate traction on your palm. These textured grooves perform the function of channeling away mud, blood, water, or oil. Its full tang, large handle with deep finger choil ensures highly versatile use in harsh or wet working circumstances. For a comfortable feeling, the handle is also designed with thumb jimping. The Benchmade – Nimravus brings a black Nylon sheath with a belt strap, adjustable loops, and a MOLLE-compatible clip.

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