7 Best Spring Assisted Tactical Knives in 2024

I am delighted to introduce to you the best tactical assisted opening knife available on the market today. I have selected here only the best tactical pocket knives that have a reliable and durable spring mechanism.

Above all they have been indoor, outdoor, and field tested by hundreds of customers and the knives have been satisfying them for a long time with quality service. Also, their tactical design ensures that they can easily handle our daily versatile and critical tasks as well as self-defense.

Each knife recommended here can be opened with one hand, the locking mechanism is secure enough, and you can use and carry them regularly with confidence in almost every US state.

What Are the Best Tactical Spring Assisted Knives?

  1. Kershaw Blur Assisted Opening Tactical Knife
  2. Smith & Wesson SWMP4LS Spring Assisted Tactical EDC Knife
  3. Kershaw Clash Tactical Spring Assisted Knife
  4. SOG Twitch II Spring Assisted Folding Tactical Knife
  5. Kershaw Brawler Spring Assisted Tactical Pocket Knife
  6. Zero Tolerance 0350TS Spring Assisted Tactical Knife
  7. Benchmade Barrage Tanto Tactical Assisted Opening Knife

Best Spring Assisted Tactical Knife

1. Kershaw Blur Black SpeedSafe Assisted EDC Pocket Knife

Kershaw Blur Black

Kershaw is the leader when it comes to the production of best-assisted opening tactical knives under $100. I am loving my Kershaw Blur black! I used my previous blur so much but then I lent it to on of my cousins and never got it back. This is my everyday carry and I seem to find uses for it everyday.

For me, the Sandvik 14C 28N stainless steel 3.5-inch-long blade is perfect. I like the cerakote coating which provides a great corrosive resistance and is easy to clean. The gentle recurve on this slim blade makes it easy to use for all my multitude of tools. The drop point of this blade is secure and excellent for more precision uses.

I do not have to worry about the end chipping off. I use the hollow belly for cutting rope and strings but have been also using it to shave off the bark from branches when making skewers. It has a dependable sharpness. It has been easy to sharpen, and I like that it has a sleek beveled edge on top.

I found it easy to use for rope and for packaging. When I tried it out on my meats (steak, ribs, and more) it worked better than knives bought for the meat itself because of its light frame.

At fist glance at the handle of this knife it will provide a great grip with the perfectly placed “track-tec” inserts. It has an open construction with aluminum backspacers and an inset secure liner lock. The 6061-T6 anodized aluminum (with black anodized finish) is attractive, light, and sleek.

As always, the curvy Ken Onion design fits well in my hand. They also provide an added safety when in use. The rubber traction is nice without being like sandpaper. I would not want to leave it out in the sun.

The ergonomics of the thumb studs assists with one-handed easy opening. I like how there are grips on the thumb making it easier for my thumb to flip it open, even with gloves it worked well. When opening it the spring is super useful and you do not have to go through a full motion to open the knife. It easily flicks open with pressure from your thumb.

When it is open it has no wiggle room at all and is instead very sturdy when out. When doing the spine test, I found it very stable and did not move an inch.

I like the clip, when I put it in my pocket it is extremely comfortable and easy to clip. The pocket clip has never failed me and stayed in place. It does not dig into your pockets and slides gently into your pocket. Once in your pocket, it will stay in the same place unless you bump into something causing it to move.

It has a lanyard hole but honestly, I have never used it. The total open length of 7.9 inches (folded 4.5 inches) is easy to manage and use.


  • Extremely Sturdy Knife, well crafted, great as an EDC
  • Covered by Kershaw’s Limited Warranty
  • Easy to sharpen blade, exceptional sharpness out of the box
  • Handles have great grips, perfect for wet environments
  • Lightning-fast, one-handed assisted opening system
  • The spring is working consistently
  • Awesome value for money in an American-made knife
  • Sturdy and reversible pocket clip


  • Trac-Tec grip occasionally gets stuck in pockets

2. Smith & Wesson SWMP4LS M.A.G.I.C. Assisted Opening Tactical Self Defense Knife

Smith & Wesson SWMP4LS

Firstly, the knife is very tactical. It would be particularly good for self-defense, and I can see myself using it to defend myself. It has a sharp blade and the serrated feature at the end is very aesthetically pleasing. The partially serrated blade is 3.6 inches and made of 4034 black oxide high carbon stainless steel.

The serrated part of the blade is really useful for cutting flexible materials. Also, I have found that the regular blade feature is especially useful for precision cutting. I use this knife mostly in the city to open boxes and to show it off to friends. Other than boxes, I use it to cut rope and thread from my sewing. It is always funny to see the look on everyone’s face as I finish my work by cutting the thread with an intimidating fighting knife.

I like the black aluminum handle with a rubber grip inlay. The design of the knife is sleek and has the appearance as if it is from or related to a firearm. The military look is very appealing to me. I like the texture of the grip on the knife. Although, it is quite a big handle at 5.2 inches and fits great in my large hand. Even though I will never use it the glass breaker is also a very neat feature, I am glad to have it.

The M.A.G.I.C. assisted opening mechanism makes single-handed opening a breeze. The spring is strong, and although the knife features both a thumb-stud and an index-finger flipper, I found myself using the flipper most of the time.

I like the locking mechanism when switched on it will not open or close and it looks quite alike to the safety on a gun. It is extremely useful when you need your knife to stay open.

I find the pocket clip to be nicely solid and well-curved. It slides into my pocket nicely. The pinch of the clip is strong and does not easily budge.

This knife would be excellent for close combat. It works well for more mundane tasks such as opening things and stowing them off.

The knife was made in Taiwan and has a limited lifetime warranty.


  • Comes sharp right out of the box
  • Bulky frame and ergonomic grip give the knife a solid touch
  • Smooth spring-assisted, one-handed opening mechanism
  • Great price point, and you won’t worry if you damage it
  • High durability with use as a chisel, hammer, screwdriver, etc.


  • Some plastic parts (plastic safety lock, thumbrest, and toggle) might hinder durability
  • Pocket clip is poorly riveted, and can only be used in a tip-up configuration

3. Kershaw Clash SpeedSafe Assisted Opening Tactical Utility Knife

Kershaw Clash Pocket Knife - 1605CKTST

This is a cute knife, the 3.1-inch 8Cr13MoV stainless steel blade has a black-oxide finish with a partial serration. The small partially serrated blade makes it easy to get into tight spaces to cut things like string, spiders, and zip-ties. I love how sharp it is when I use it and how easily it cuts through tape and cardboard.

Right when I got the combo edge folding knife, I assessed it, and it could cut leather easily like butter. I accidentally cut my hand once from the improper handling of the blade. The edge is strong compared to its weight and I have used it on more than a few hard tasks that were metal on metal. I fixed and cleaned screws and nuts on the farm equipment back home with it.

I love this handle. It is black with glass-reinforced nylon. I have to say I really use that reinforcement when I have worked with it. The handle and the grip are exceptionally durable. The grip is wonderfully comfortable, I believe that that can be attributed to the curved design and figure contours. When holding the knife to do work I grip it tightly so that it could hurt but overall does not.

The handle is 4.15 inches long and the total length of 7.4 inches when the knife is open. The knife has a nice Ken Onion design. Honestly, after all the demanding work I have put this knife though, the handle has continually held up with only minor nicks on it.

I like the easy speed safe flip opening, which allows me to quickly open and use the knife for tasks. I have seen people be all fancy with opening the flip opening knives but I prefer just a natural non flashy open and this one executes perfectly while looking amazing.

It has a good solid lock when opened, I have found no wiggle when evaluating it and it also passed the spine test. It has a 2-steel plate liner lock that holds it in place nicely.

It has a nice broad clip that smoothly goes in and out of my pocket. It smoothly assists me to take it out of my pocket quickly. I like how it is reversible from point up position or point down for clip placement.

I have heard some people use this one for hunting but for me, the best use I have gotten out of it is for general work at a farm and in the city. It is in line to be my everyday carry once my current one gets either lost or broken.

The tactical knife has a limited-time warranty and was made in China, but it was designed and tested in the US


  • Blade is a perfect size for EDC
  • Blade is razor sharp out of the box
  • Serrated edge makes sawing a breeze
  • Great ergonomics with a smooth grip
  • SpeedSafe Assisted Opening makes one-handed deployment a breeze
  • Great value knife for the pricing
  • Reversible Clip for Tip-Up / Tip-Down carry
  • Not many outstanding tactical knives at this price point
  • Good weight and craftsmanship


  • Plastic handle materials feel cheap in your hand
  • Clip can only be attached on the right side, not suitable for lefties

4. SOG Twitch II Spring Assisted EDC Folding Knife

SOG Twitch II Assisted Opening Folding Knife - TWI8-CP - Aluminum Handle

The 2.65″ blade of this knife is made of high-performing AUS-8 steel (HRC 57-58) with a satin coating with a drop point shape. To keep its sharpness for a long time the core alloy goes through the cryogenic heat conducted process. The razor-sharp blade cut through rope, cardboard, mail/envelopes, plastic bottle, and a lot more.

The beautiful handle is made from aluminum which is anodized and has a graphite satin coating with ergonomic contouring that will make the knife fit comfortably in both hands.

Some feel that opening a pocket knife with one hand is not easy but it just takes a push with your thumb or forefinger on the flipper that comes through the pass-through on the lock bar. Using a flipper, thumb studs, or a flick of your wrist you can deploy the blade in 3 ways. Also, SOG Assisted Technology (S.A.T.) and lockback mechanism ensure hassle-free single-hand opening and closing.

The 6.20″ knife weighs 2.60 ounces and has a closed length of 3.55″ making it a small pocket knife that is easy to carry. On the back of the knife is a reversible tip-up carry pocket clip to fasten it to the inside part of your pocket. It rides low in your pocket for discreet carry.


  • This knife is a perfect EDC gentleman’s knife
  • Came out of the box sharp enough
  • The blade on this knife holds itself very well
  • Handle looks cool and feels sturdy in my hand
  • The spring assist is insanely fast and smooth
  • Lock up is firm and steady, no wiggle or play
  • The clip can also be used as a money clip
  • SOG offers a rock-solid lifetime warranty
  • Almost metal body, but still very lightweight
  • The SOG Twitch II is made in Taiwan


  • Lockback kinda old school style
  • A small knife only for light chores

5. Kershaw Brawler (1990) SpeedSafe Assisted Deploying Knife

Kershaw Brawler (1990)

The Kershaw Brawler (1990) is the best rescue and tactical folder to punch through hard materials. Because its 3 inches blade is made of high-quality 8Cr13MoV stainless steel. The blade is finished with the black oxide coating for corrosion resistance and to provide a stealthy look.

This modified tanto point is a perfect blade for slicing, hunting, skinning, and other physically demanding tasks because the blade metal has an essential hardness to support the sharp point as well as build it stronger than others.

Also, the blade has a grind that supports narrowing the sharp blade and increases piercing power. Its flat belly provides a fantastic cutting advantage, ideal for bearing down on different chores and very easy to resharpen.

The handle is formed of durable and lightweight Glass-filled nylon. The textured black contours with the grip pattern feature on the handle provide a very solid grip in slippery and wet cases.

The handle has angled curves inside the palm of the user’s very hand. This type of model is useful in multitasking and in extreme rescue situations. There is a pre-drilled lanyard hole bottom of the handle.

It is crafted with the SpeedSafe assisted feature that ensures an easy and automatic one-handed opening. Just turn back on the top of the flipper after that the SpeedSafe assisted opening mechanism takes over, releasing the blade out of the ergonomic handle and ready to use the knife.

When you deploy the blade, the flipper will take a position as a finger guard and ensure additional protection during incautious use. It also comes with a Liner lock. The 7.1-inch Kershaw Brawler (1990) also features a 4-position or reversible pocket clip (tip-up/tip-down, left/right) and a limited lifetime warranty. Weight 3.9 oz and folded length 4.1 inches.

6. Zero Tolerance 0350TS; Folding Pocket Knife

Zero Tolerance 0350TS Tiger-Stripe Folding Knife

The Tiger Striped 0350 is one of the best tactical spring assisted knife models in the market that is manufactured by the famous American brand Zero Tolerance Knives. I like the beefy look and design of this knife which has a total open length of 7.6 inches. It is a larger knife but still easy to control and maneuver.

The tiger stripe finish is very eye-catching. I feel confident that the cerakote carbon diamond-like coating provides durable wear and corrosive resistance. This CPM S30V heavy stainless-steel blade is strong and sleek. The jimping on the spine provides extra security for grip with my thumb.

The large beefy drop point is a perfect flow with a slight recurve. The cutting performance is outstanding with its full 3.25-inch blade. Even though it looks beefy it is surprising how smooth it manages and keeps its edge retention. The straight cutting-edge slices through anything without interference. I like a more tactical look for my everyday carry, so this knife really suits my look.

It is best used for everything! I mostly use it for cutting boxes or opening things, but I have also sharpened many roasting sticks with it. The hefty and tough exterior makes cutting through wood and branches easy.

The handle is a textured matte black G-10 that measures 4 5/8 inches long. The handle frame is made of thick steel liners for durability. It has a great bite and I’ve never had my hand slip while making cuts. It has three jimps for different types of grip positions, from standard to reverse. The handle fits great into my large hand without being rough on the skin and maintains its grip even while wet.

It has a SpeedSafe-assisted opening design. There are few ways to open the knife, a quick flip of the flipper makes the blade swing out with ease. The flip action opener also acts as a finger guard. The thumb stud is another option for opening. I feel secure and safe opening and shutting this knife.

The steel liner lock is secure and easy to open. The liner lock is made of steel and securely locks the blade in place. It is easy to press on the liner lock to return the blade back into the handle. The liner lock is tight and doesn’t allow any play.

Closed it is 4.6 inches and has a well-designed small pocket clip to keep it in place. Even though in my opinion the pocket clip is too small for such a larger knife, it does give many options on how to use it, which is very neat. It can be worn left or right and blade up or down carry. There is also a lanyard hole if needed.


  • Manufactured in the United States
  • Best S30V folding knife for extended use
  • Ergonomic grip with a variety of jimps for various uses
  • SpeedSafe deployment mechanism makes one-handed deployment seamless
  • Quad-mount pocket-clip
  • Great value for money, competes with knives 3x as expensive


  • Can be hefty for an EDC at 6.2 oz

7. Benchmade Barrage Tanto Tactical Folding Knife

Benchmade Barrage Tanto Tactical Folding Knife - 583SBK

Benchmade is a company that manufactures knives and tools since 1988 and is still doing for tactical operators, collectors, and first responders. If you need an abusable best assisted opening tactical knife for combat then Benchmade Barrage Tanto is your perfect choice. The knife measures 8.35″ open length, and 4.75″ folded length and weighs 4.51 oz.

Its 0.121″ thick blade is made of premium, American stainless steel 154CM (58-61 HRC). A black Cerakote finish on the blade gives it excellent rust resistance and a stealthy look.

This 3.6″ partially serrated multi-use blade is designed for cutting rope, set belts, hard plastic, electric wires, small branches, fibrous materials, and other tactical applications. Also, the blade has a tanto style with a good length which helps you apply your full force to a specific point and makes it a deep penetrator.

The handle of this best combat folding knife is made of stainless steel liners intertwined into the Valox scales. The Valox handle is famous for its lightweight, durability, and heavy toughness. Moreover, the Valox resin can repel moisture and withstand extreme temperatures.

Grip lines and small palm swells – all these attributes guarantee a very solid forward grip, allowing more strength for hassle-free cutting. Also, in a reverse grip, you will get a non-slip and comfortable holding even if your hand is muddy or wet.

You can open and close this knife with just one hand. Furthermore, this spring assisted folding tactical knife features an ambidextrous AXIS locking mechanism with an additional slide switch.

It has a reversible left/right hand, tip-up deep-carry pocket clip. Benchmade Barrage Tanto – 583 is proudly made in the USA.

When you purchase this product from an authorized dealer, you will get a limited lifetime warranty and LifeSharp service. So don’t worry about sharpening and you can always have your knife in razor-sharp condition.


  • Top-notch USA product made with a touch of modernity
  • Pretty thick blade came absolutely shaving sharp
  • Superior steel takes a very sharp and long-lasting edge
  • Precise tip geometry and is great for piercing
  • Handle feels ergonomic, fits like a glove, and grips well
  • Solid and reliable lockup, zero side-to-side wiggle
  • Innovative double-safety system is easy to engage
  • Easy, quick, and smooth spring assisted deployment
  • Switchable, deep tip-up carry, strong steel clip
  • Benchmade promises to take care of other repairs for you


Frequently Asked Questions About the Best Spring Assisted Tactical Knife (FAQ)

Question: Why carry a spring assisted tactical knife?

Answer: First and foremost, an assisted knife can be easily and quickly deployed with one hand, allowing for faster access to the blade when compared to traditional folding knives. This can be particularly useful in emergency situations where time is of the essence.

These knives are also generally compact and easy to carry, making them a convenient tool to have on hand for a variety of tasks, such as cutting rope or opening packages, or self-defense.

After all, these knives are not banned in all states like automatic knives.

Question: Are spring assisted tactical knives better?

Answer: Spring-assisted knives are definitely better than normal knives. Because these knives are easy to deploy with one hand, many knives have double locking mechanisms for security and single locking mechanisms are also reliable enough, their size is compact and easy to carry. Like other EDC knives, they can be used for almost everyday tasks.

However, there are also some disadvantages to spring-assisted knives. They may not be legal to carry in certain jurisdictions. Additionally, the spring mechanism can add complexity and potential points of failure to the knife, which could compromise its durability and reliability.

Ultimately, the choice of whether to use a spring-assisted knife or another type of knife depends on the individual’s needs and preferences, as well as any applicable laws or regulations. It is important to choose a high-quality knife and to use it safely and responsibly.

Question: Are spring assisted tactical knives safe?

Answer: Definitely safe, good quality knives from popular brands will never injure you if used the right way. Besides, regular maintenance and lubrication of these knives are essential.

Not one of my recommended knives has accidentally opened in my pocket or missed locking engagement. Also, I have not found any other users to have experienced this type of accident in my research.

Finally, it is important to check local laws and regulations regarding the possession and use of spring-assisted tactical knives. In some areas, these knives may be illegal or restricted, so it is important to research and understand the applicable laws and regulations before carrying or using one.

Question: What are assisted opening tactical knives used for?

Answer: These knives are particularly useful for situations where speed and ease of deployment are important, as they can be quickly opened with one hand using the spring-assisted mechanism. This can be particularly useful for emergency situations where time is of the essence such as combat, or self-defense.

They are also often used for everyday tasks such as opening packages, cutting rope, or preparing food. Some people also use assisted open tactical knives for outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, and fishing, as they can be useful for tasks such as cutting rope, feathering sticks, preparing food, or filleting fish.

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