10 Best Gyuto Knives in 2024

Nowadays the gyuto knife has become the favorite cutlery of any novice or expert chef as it can be used in almost all types of home or restaurant cooking cuts. Raw fish, boneless meat, fruits, or vegetables – all can be cut with a gyuto knife.

Here I have reviewed some of the top-rated Japanese gyuto knives from my personal experience. You will be glad to know that the practical experience of mine and other users is very good with each of the knives mentioned here.

What Are the Best Gyuto Knives in the World?

  1. ​DALSTRONG Shogun Series X Japanese Gyuto Chef Knife
  2. Zelite Infinity Japanese Professional Gyuto Chef Knife
  3. Tojiro DP Gyutou – Affordable Tojiro Gyuto Knife
  4. Yoshihiro Hammered Damascus Japanese Chefs Gyuto Knife
  5. DALSTRONG Shogun Series Japanese Gyuto Knife
  6. Enso HD Series – Top Quality Gyuto Knife
  7. Yoshihiro NSW Damascus Japanese Gyuto Chefs Knife
  8. Okami Japanese Damascus Stainless Steel Gyuto Knife
  9. Yoshihiro Hammered Damascus High Quality Gyuto Knife
  10. MIKARTO All Purpose Professional Grade Gyuto Knife
  11. Yaxell Mon Multi Purpose Professional Chef’s Gyuto Knife
  12. Shun Cutlery Kanso Handcrafted Japanese Gyuto Knife

Review of the Best Japanese Gyuto Knife

1. DALSTRONG Shogun Series X – Top Gyuto Knife

DALSTRONG Shogun Series X Gyuto Knife

The DALSTRONG Shogun Series X Gyuto is already a great choice for a kitchen knife and an 8″ vacuum-treated Japanese AUS-10V Super Steel (HRC: 62-64) blade makes it several times better. This factor was already enough for me but they made it more overwhelming with 66 layers of premium SUS410 High Carbon Stainless Steel Damascus cladding and hammered Tsuchime finish that reduces stocking food on the 2.5mm thick blade. Precision cryogenic tempering process with liquid nitrogen makes the steel more solid, flexible as well as increases stain and corrosion resistance compared to the regular carbon steels. I prefer cutting instead of chopping with this knife for the excellent 8-12 degrees edge angle that provides the cleanest cuts for sushi, vegetables, meat, fruits, etc.

Military-grade G-10 Garolite scales are joined by triple rivets with the full tang handle and an engraved end-cap gives the handle an ergonomic structure from top to bottom and works great against heat and moisture. Moreover, a mirror polish tapered bolster gives finger protection and a true ‘zero-balance’ balance. Unlike the traditional round shape for kitchen knives, Shogun featured a unique designed handle that I can appreciate. I got more than a decent grip. Due to the double bevel blade, I can use it with both hands.

Last but not the least, like many other DALSTRONG knives, this 10-ounce gyuto knife comes with a premium-grade polymer sheath. The seller recommended sharpening the knife with 1000 grit and 6000 grit whetstones. The DALSTRONG Shogun Series X Gyuto is proudly made in the USA. With both a money-back guarantee and lifetime warranty, I don’t feel like there are any risks for purchasing this item.

2. Zelite Infinity Western-Style Professional Japanese Gyuto Chef Knife

Zelite Infinity Gyuto Knife

Zelite Infinity Chef Knife is a western-style Japanese Gyuto Chef Knife that translates to “beef-sword” goes along with the name as it is an excellent choice for professional chefs. The handcrafted 8″ blade core is made of cryogenic heat-treated Japanese AUS-10 Super Steel (HRC: 60-62) with 66 layers of High Carbon Stainless Steel that creates the stunning “tsunami-rose” Damascus pattern. Also, when heat-treated metal is exposed to acidic ingredients, sweep, or moisture for a long time, it can and will sustain much better than carbon steel.

An extraordinary mixture of chromium and vanadium which are added to the core steel as well as heat treated process – all have enhanced blade’s hardness, edge retention, ease to re-sharpen, and resistance against wear or corrosion. Such characteristics make the blade’s maintenance easy. The double-beveled knife features a 12° cutting edge that gives it the accuracy of cutting extra thin pieces of meat, steak, chicken, vegetables, and raw fish for sushi or sashimi.

The ergonomically designed handle has military-grade G10 scales that are attached to the full-tang structure by triple rivets. The artistic design middle rivet is absolutely beautiful. Full-tang design with the Stainless Steel bolster ensures comfort and a perfect balance while holding. Also, I don’t feel any fatigue when I am working with it for extended periods. It is a premium quality gyuto knife under $150. Even though it doesn’t come with a sheath, Zelite Infinity gives you packaging where you can keep and carry the knife safely. One of the best parts is you get a risk-free lifetime 100% money-back warranty with it.

3. Tojiro DP Gyutou – Best Tojiro Gyuto Knife

Tojiro DP Gyuto Knife

If you are looking for an affordable professional chef knife that is made from premium quality materials then I recommend you take the Tojiro DP Gyutou. This is one of the good gyuto knives under $100 in the world. The 8.2″ razor-sharp blade is manufactured from the 3 layered best cutlery alloy sheets of steel. Tojiro used Japanise VG-10 Steel core (HRC: 60-61) between the two softer stainless steel layers. One great thing about it is instead of being stamped, the steel was forged. With the 1.9mm thickness of the spine, double bevel 14 degrees edge angle, and great hand polish, with these qualities, the blade does not require any effort to re-sharpening. From my experience I can say, slicing raw fish, tomatoes, veggies, sushi, steak sashimi, or trimming steaks was pretty easy for me.

The knife comes with a hard plastic RLM (Reinforced Laminated Material) scales handle. The scales are attached perfectly by 3 rivets with the full tang structure. Due to the ergonomic handle, I can use the knife very well with both hands, and also gives me a firm grip. The balance of the knife is perfect for slicing since the mirror polished stainless steel bolster weight is spread out evenly without being forward-heavy like a chopping knife.

Tojiro DP Gyutou does not come with any Saya cover (sheath). Even though the blade is stain-resistant and will not get easily damaged, I recommend getting one if you are too concerned. I found that a ceramic rod sharpener or a home knife sharpening system works great with this gyuto knife. Made in Japan, the knife has an overall length of 13.2″ and a lifetime warranty backs it up against any kind of issues in materials and workmanship.

4. Yoshihiro Hammered Damascus Handcrafted – Best Japanese Gyuto Knife

Yoshihiro Hammered Damascus Japanese Chefs Gyuto Knife

Yoshiro’s popularity comes from its blade’s aesthetics and quality. This 8.25” Japanese chef Gyuto made me fall in love with its 16 layers Damascus that not only looks great but also makes sure that nothing sticks with your knife while you use it. VG-10 stainless steel (HRC: 60-61) is the manufacturing material that has 1% Carbon that makes the knife super sharp while having great edge retention. The hammered and polished Gyuto is handmade and has a 3mm thick spine which makes it a suitable kitchen knife for chopping, slicing, dicing, and any other general tasks.

I love the ergonomically designed Mahogany wood handle that looks very beautiful with its excellent texture. Moreover, I appreciate Yoshiro maintaining the quality of the handle while also making sure it looks fancy. Mahogany gives an excellent grip compared to many other wood handles and the design also helps with the firmness of the grip. The double-beveled full tang Gyuto is the right choice for chefs for its overall features.

I like to use the thin plastic sheath and the decorative box that is delivered with the Gyuto to keep the blade perfect. I recommend using a decent-quality cutting board and hand washing for maintenance. The limited lifetime warranty backs you up when you purchase this excellent handmade piece that comes from Japan.

5. DALSTRONG Shogun Series – Best Gyuto Chef Knife

DALSTRONG Shogun Series Gyuto Knife

I have always been a fan of the DALSTRONG Shogun Series knives as they never disappointed me with the quality. This DALSTRONG Gyuto Knife has a 9.5” long hand polish mirror finished blade that is made of Damascus – High Carbon Japanese AUS-10V Super Stainless Steel (HRC: 62-63). The 67 layers of high-carbon stainless steel that create the ‘Tsunami Rose’ Damascus pattern. The steel is good but what makes it great is a Nitrogen cooling and vacuum heat treatment makes the blade more durable, corrosion-resistant and gives it a good harness. With 2.2mm thickness and 8-12 degrees edge angle on both sides, the performance of this blade is outstanding and it is perfect for a professional chef who wants to slice sushi, meats, vegetables, or wants something for chopping.

Military-grade G-10 handle not only gives the knife life-long durability but also adds to its accurate ‘zero-balance’ balance along with the full tang and triple-riveted features. While the handle gives a solid grip, the tapered bolster ensures the safety of the fingers and assists with the pinch grip. A lot of technical qualities make the gyuto knife great for use with both hands with its double bevel.

A PerfectFit Dalstrong polymer sheath is included which has the typical pin and string locking system. Even though there is additional Chromium on the blade’s material, I still recommend you to use the sheath because it is a great knife that should be taken care of. A money-back guarantee and a lifetime warranty are provided so that you can try out the knife without any issues.

6. Enso HD Series – Best Quality Gyuto Knife

Enso HD Series Japanese Gyuto Knife

Seki City is a respectable swordmakers place in Japan where this handcrafted 8″ Enso HD Series Gyuto Knife was produced. The core of the blade is made out of Japanese VG-10 Steel (HRC: 61-62) with 37-layers of stainless steel in a Damascus tradition. The double bevel featured 8″ blade allows me to use this 13.3″ gyuto knife with both of my hands. After using a month, I am surprised to see that its corrosion resistance and edge retention ability are really so good. The hammered finish of the blade increases the effectiveness and prevents stocking food on the 2mm thick blade. Also, 12° razor-sharp cutting edge angle ensures precise and clean cuts, slices, or chops of vegetables, meat, sushi, and sashimi.

The extraordinary thing about the black canvas Micarta handle is that it gives more grip when it gets wet. The solid material Micarta is affixed by the 3 stainless steel rivets, an end cap, and a polished bolster. Although the handle is enclosed, still its construction is full tang to provide strength and perfect balance. The 7.9 oz knife has a balanced weight which gives better control whenever I need a precise cut.

You can buy the Enso HD Series Gyuto Knives with or without a sheath (dark bamboo sheath with embedded magnet). With a lifetime warranty against defects, you are getting an excellent deal out of this piece. As a result, I can tell that this gyuto is a great choice for pro chefs.

7. YOSHIHIRO NSW 46 Layers Hammered Damascus 8.25-Inch Blade – High End Japanese Gyuto Knife

Yoshihiro NSW Hammered Damascus Japanese Chefs Gyuto Knife

The Yoshihiro NSW has the best steel I have seen in a gyuto. The 8.25″ blade is made from forged and hammered premium quality 46 layers of steel with VG-10 Steel (HRC: 60-61) core that makes it way more beautiful and durable. What I love about this blade is that the VG-10 Steel as a core material is stain resistant as well as the outer Damascus layers; making it highly free to use without concern and needs minimal maintenance. With a hammered finish, 15 degrees edge angle, and 3mm thickness, I feel very comfortable while chopping, carving, or slicing the delicious pieces of meat or precise cutting of sushi with this knife.

This full tang gyuto keeps surprising me with its uniqueness as it uses a Shitan Rosewood handle that is in octagonal shape which is far better than round handles. Besides ensuring a very firm and comfortable grip, the double Mahogany bolsters provide the required safety while you hold this piece with your right or left hand.

Unlike many other Gyutos in the market, you get a natural Magnolia Saya or sheath that I find useful even though the knife is greatly stain resistant. The quality of this handcrafted knife shows how much effort it took. I got a lifetime warranty with this Japanese gyuto knife and I think it is more than a fair bargain to buy this quality product at such a price.

8. Okami Japanese Damascus Stainless Steel – Best Budget Gyuto Knife

Okami Japanese Damascus Stainless Steel Gyuto Knife

This Gyuto knife surprised me with its 67 layers of steel in the Damascus tradition with a core of Japanese VG-10 High Carbon Stainless Steel (HRC: 60-62). Due to the “gold standard” steel material, the 8″ blade can easily cut and slice vegetables and meat. The 12-15 degrees edge angle per side made it really easy for me to slice sushi and sashimi. The half-tang does not bother me at all because I prefer this one as a lightweight cutting and slicing knife instead of a chopping one. It has the traditional Japanese double-beveled; so it can be wielded by both hands.

The round Pakkawood handle really amazes me since it can absorb moisture, ensuring a great grip even when my hands are wet. Moreover, being half-tang, it is relatively lighter. The Pakkawood also seems quite durable since I couldn’t find a weak spot while using it.

The Okami Gyuto Knife weighs only 6.98 ounces and comes in a box with a limited lifetime warranty. I use to keep it inside the box since it does not need much maintenance for being a stainless steel knife. It comes with an edge guard for keeping consistency in sharpness. Buying a sheath is not necessary since I felt like it was able to maintain its sharpness for quite a long time.

9. Yoshihiro Hammered Damascus Handcrafted – High Quality Gyuto Knife

Yoshihiro Hammered Damascus Japanese Gyuto Knife

Yoshihiro Gyuto Knife is recommended for professional chefs who are appointed to perform efficiently in a restaurant and need a top-notch knife. It has an overall length of 13.5″ including an 8.25″ blade length, curved smoothly to move forth and back. Also, it offers an extended tip that can quickly chop vegetables, fish, meat, or any fresh produce from the farmer’s market. The blade is formed from the hammered and forged 46 layers of steel in Damascus style with VG-10 Gold Steel core (HRC: 60-62). This material is stain-resistant and also ensures durability and toughness. Due to its hammered texture, the blade is free from friction, thus preventing food from sticking unnecessarily.

Its fine blade edge angle is double-bevel and sharpened up to 15°, which makes it suitable for both right and left-handed users. Better still, this piece is lightweight, which means that easily anyone can maneuver it for long use. The handle of this Yoshihiro Gyuto Knife is specially crafted from Magnolia wood and ergonomically shaped as the traditional Japan Wa-style Octagonal Ambrosia. In addition, the full tang blade is affixed with the handle by a luxurious Water Buffalo horn bolster.

You don’t need to worry about blade protection because Yoshihiro provides a nice-looking Magnolia wood sheath known as a Saya. Also, this best gyuto knife under $200 is proudly handcrafted in Japan and comes with a lifetime warranty. You can sharpen and hone the knife with water whetstones only. If you use it on acidic ingredients, then hand-wash and dry the knife immediately. Also, make sure you do not use it on nutshells, bones, and frozen foods.

10. MIKARTO Knife Ware All Purpose Professional Grade Gyuto Knife

MIKARTO Japanese Gyuto Knife

As I looked for great-quality gyuto knives under $100, this 8″ knife by Micarto seemed like the right choice. After purchasing and using it, I was more than satisfied. It is produced from vacuum-heated AUS-10V steel (HRC: 62-63) with 66 layers of high-carbon metal that creates the beautiful Damascus pattern. Even though there is HC steel present, it is highly rust and corrosion resistant which is a result of the Nitrogen cooling treatment. The multi-purpose Gyuto is great for precision cutting because of the razor sharpness and 12-15 degrees edge angle and a little bit of chopping can also be done due to the 2.2mm thickness.

What’s great about the G10 handle of this full tang gyuto is that there are three rivets and an end cap that make the strong G10 even stronger. With the slip-resistant design, handling the knife becomes super easy no matter you are cutting thin slices of fruit, vegetables, raw fish, sushi, or meats.

The piece requires very low maintenance but if you want to keep it safer, you can get a sheath. The 13″ Gyuto is really a total surprise because some of its features are present on $200 chef knives. With a lifetime warranty, this is an excellent choice for a newbie, amateur, or professional chef.

11. Yaxell Mon VG10 Stainless Steel – Best Beginner’s Gyuto Knife

Yaxell Mon Japanese Professional Gyuto Knife

Are you a professional chef who puts in more than eight hours daily? Then this Yaxell Mon Gyuto Knife is a must-have for you. The core of the blade is constructed from 3 layers of Japan-made Cobalt Molybdenum VG-10 high-quality stainless steel (HRC: 60-61) and clad on both sides by superior stainless steel. It comes with top-notch edge retention as well as a beautiful sandblast finish. This double bevel blade with a 12° sharp edge angle is useful for both right and left-handed users. The 13.5″ length of the knife and the 8″ blade, make it perfect for slashing spices, fresh herbs, chopping, dicing, and slicing vegetables and fruits.

The smooth, tight handle feels perfect in my hand thanks to the FDA-certified linen canvas and black resin material used for the Micarta handle. Moreover, there are 2 stainless steel rivets for the handle as well as stainless steel bolster and engraved end-cap gives the handle an ergonomic structure with outstanding zero balance. Although the handle is enclosed, it is still full tang.

If you buy this Yaxell Mon Gyuto Knife, you are getting more than your money without regrets. It is tightly packaged in a fine box, so you don’t need extra sheath, and weighs only 11.2 oz for easy wielding. This chef’s knife is specially handcrafted in Seki City Japan and features a lifetime warranty to assure users of its durability. You can easily clean it with mild detergent and warm water. What more could you ask for?

12. Shun Cutlery Kanso Handcrafted All Purpose Japanese Gyuto Knife

Shun Cutlery Japanese Gyuto Knife

If you are a chef looking for the best left-handed and right-handed knife for your trade, then you need this Shun Cutlery Kanso Gyuto Knife. The blade is composed of super AUS-10A High-Carbon Vanadium Stainless Steel (HRC: 58-60). The best part is, the steel core is precisely heat-treated, making it harder, thinner, and stronger so the blade can be taken a razor-sharp edge easily and holds longer. It has a heritage finish that can hide any scratches and gives the knife a traditional and rustic appearance.

Overall 13.5″ length including an 8″ blade, makes the lightweight knife perfect for chopping, peeling, dicing, carving, and slicing various fruits and vegetables, etc. Furthermore, the razor-sharp edge with a 16° angle at either side can gently turn spices or fresh herbs into fine minces even with its curved belly shape. The handle scales are created from wood. Moreover, the D-shaped wood handle is a bit contoured to allow the chef an easy and firm pinch grip. Also, it comes with a full-tang handle construction for extra strength and cutting balance.

What contributed to the uniqueness of this particular gyuto knife is that it is proudly handcrafted in Seki City Japan, known for exceptional products. There is also a lifetime warranty provided by the manufacture. So, if you are a culinary enthusiast or a beginner, don’t miss this Japanese gyuto style chef’s knife.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Best Gyuto Knife (FAQ)

Question: What is a Gyuto knife used for?

Answer: Nowadays, the Gyuto knife is used as a complement to the chef knife, but in the beginning, it was originally made for cutting beef.

In a broad sense, it is used for almost all kinds of cutting work in the kitchen, mainly for raw fish, boneless meats, fruits, or vegetables.

Question: How is a Gyuto different from a chef knife?

Answer: Gyuto knife is Japanese-style and chef knife is western style kitchen cutlery.

Although the two knives look almost identical, there are some differences between them – such as – the Gyuto knives are slightly shorter and the blade is thinner than the chef knives.

The main difference is that the tip of the chef knife is usually pointed and the tip of the Gyuto knife is slightly curved downwards.

Question: Why would you buy a Gyuto instead of a chef knife?

Answer: There is nothing that a chef knife can do that a Gyuto knife cannot do.

Since the Gyuto knife is shorter and lighter than the chef knife, this feature of the Gyuto improves the cutting speed and agility of the user over a long period of time without any fatigue.

In addition, the tip of a gyuto is slightly curved, making it much safer for new users and less likely to break if suddenly dropped on the floor.

Question: Why are the Japanese gyuto knives best?

Answer: Japanese gyuto knives are world-famous for their durability, agility, lightweight, and thin blade. Also, the blade made of Japanese steel has a great reputation for keeping its sharp edge longer.

Question: What is the best steel for a gyuto knife?

Answer: Carbon or high carbon Japanese steels are the best for making a gyuto knife. This is because the blades made of this type of steel can be sharpened very quickly and the edge retention is also very high. Also, there is no hassle of frequent sharpening.

Some of my recommended Japanese steels are – AUS-10V, AUS-10A, AUS-8, VG-1 to VG-10, CM VG-10, White Steel #1-2, Blue Steel #1-2, Blue Super

Question: What has a gyuto knife got to do with sashimi?

Answer: A professional chef needs a sushi knife set to prepare traditional Japanese sashimi and gyuto is one of them.

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