Smith and Wesson Special OPS M9 Bayonet Review

Are you thinking about making some adventurous trips to any remote mountain, limitless desert, or dark forest to seek some new experiences? If so then you should follow some guidelines and also bring some tools with you so that your survival journeys get a successful adventure.

With your water pot and other accessories, you just need the best military tactical knife. The extreme survivalist will be really impressed with the performance and design of the Smith & Wesson 8″ Special Ops M-9 Bayonet Special Forces Knife. Its handle shape gives some extra comfortable feeling to the hand. A user-friendly clip-point shape of the blade ensures fewer efforts but perfect slicing capability. For your next adventurous mission, this one will be a doubtlessly ideal multitasking knife.

Smith and Wesson M9 Bayonet – Handle

Extreme Survivalist is aware of their energy loss for going. Restoring a few calories will help you to make it accomplished in a difficult situation. So it’s also important to give less effort to do a tuff task when you need to make a night shelter, fishing campaign, or hiking. This one comes with a rugged and non-slip handle which has made the handle all-weather grip-able and comfortable handling ability.

This Smith & Wesson 8″ Special Ops M-9 Bayonet Special Forces Knife featured with 4.75-inch Green polymer comfortable handle, which ensures fewer efforts but better performance. ABS Thermoplastic handle has made it protective from any discharge by corrosion or heat, a real long-lasting survival EDGE. Moreover, the Drop-point shape 8-inch fixed blade perfectly works with this green thermoplastic handle. These features will increase your efficiency when slicing or pricing with this full tang tactical bowie knife.

Smith and Wesson Special Tactical Knife – Blade

Both Professional and passionate users know the value and importance of the blade attached to their knife. If the blade is failed to include the quality then it is just a useless thing. So expert considers the materials used to make the blade construction. On this view, you will give this Smith & Wesson 8″ Special Ops M-9 Bayonet Special Forces knife full marks. Not for just the lengthy strong 8″ blade but also the 400 series stainless steel and its full tang construction clearly, acquire the proud.

The flat grind clip point blade also includes a special black coat on the surface. This black layer has made it corrosion resistant and can abrasion like no other. For the survival Hunter it will be a great one there is no possibility to spot by light reflected by the metal knife. It ensures a secure and excellent hunting Zone.

Smith & Wesson Special OPS – Sheath

As a tactical fixed blade knife user always seeks a durable innovative designed sheath with their knife. The manufacturer gives its best efforts and makes a versatile design of the heavy nylon sheath for this big one. It also includes a nice belt clip so the user can carry the knife effortlessly by hanging it with their belt. Anyone can like the matching of the knife and its sheath.

Smith and Wesson SW3B – Other Accessories

The Smith & Wesson 8 inch Special Ops M-9 Bayonet Special Forces knife is fully made in Taiwan. The manufacturer gives more priority to increasing its ability in multitasking and survival outdoor activities. The rugged and nonslip Handle and large saw top Edge add some more value to this special force tactical Knife.

Smith and Wesson Bayonet – Usefulness

This Smith & Wesson Special Ops M-9 Bayonet Special Forces Knife introduces the best fighting knife, not only by the shape and design but its 400 series stainless steel and full tang drop allow use this one perfect for multitasking. Moreover, the large saw on the edge has made to make some exceptional tasks done. Also, this feature enables the solder to make sure that one step and little rotation can ensure silent killing. Strong soldiers must like this big boy.

A survivalist will find effectiveness when using this Smith & Wesson Special Ops Special Forces Knife for campaigning, shelter making, and woodworking. This Smith & Wesson sw3b special force knife allows you to cut big bamboo and is also effective for woodworking. The extreme hunter who likes to hunt some big ones usually needs to cut the Neck to ensure death. This big one can help the task be done so easily in a few seconds. Deer Hunter will obviously fall in love with this Smith & Wesson Special Ops Special Forces Knife.

The weight of the whole 12.8-inch knife has a 14.5-ounce weight without the sheath which may make you think negatively about this one. But you shouldn’t forget that – as you want some more features and the best performance from your knife then you should tolerate this little bit of weight. Smith & Wesson Special Ops Special Forces Knife makes you feel better when handling, the weight is a fact to make it effortlessly use as the survival knife.


  • One of the strongest knives in the world
  • The blade tip can cut through the 9 mm steel
  • Perfect tactical knife for harsh environment
  • Round shape, non-slip handle
  • Useful for versatile work
  • Comfortable and durable tactical sheath


  • The knife is a little bit heavier
  • The blade is not a razor-sharp blade
  • Not suitable for slashing

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question: I just love hiking and need a drop point-shaped blade, is this one include the features?
Yeah, no doubt this drop-point-shaped 8-inch blade will be most suitable for your purpose.

Question: Handle is most important to me. Tell me does this one comes with a grip on the Handle and what material is used for the Handle?
The Smith & Wesson special ops knife comes with a 4.75-inch long durable Green polymer handle, I am damn sure the comfortable grip on the handle surface will obviously impress you.

Question: I listen from one of my friends who orders the knife that the handle is not so comfortable to hand.
I don’t think so, this one is really smooth and well grip but I think there is a system handling the knife. It will feel better than any other handle. Also durable for the ABS Thermoplastic layer.

Question: Is this one will be suitable for fruit slicing?
I used my one for also vegetable and fruit cutting, it not only looks better but also performs like a pure multitasking knife.

Question: As I need to carry it when hiking so I need to be sure if this one includes a pocket clip or like features.
This user-friendly knife also includes a nice belt clip to carry when shifting spots.

Question: Can I use this one for self-defending?
Yeah, the clip point shape of an 8″ stainless steel fixed blade will be best for tactical, combat, and self-defense.

Final Verdict

If you are looking for a reliable multitasking best fixed blade knife to become your company for your outdoor activities. You can find plenty of options there. However, not all of them can meet your expectation so you likely cans this M-9 Bayonet Special Forces Knife. Its all features like the 8-inch saw EDGE, rugged and non-slip 4.75-inch Handle, and the Full Tang makes it a highly durable and perfect performer in nature. Both the blade and Handle have a special layer to protect them from the default environment. An extreme survivalist will be surely happy to get such a type of multitasking tactical knife.

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